Choose the Roof Maintenance Plan That is Best for You

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All hours allotted include portal to portal and the following defines limitations on services included:

– Seam repairs are limited to no more than 20 linear feet per preventative maintenance visit.
– Coping work consists of reattaching any loose coping, fasteners and caulking of butt joints.
– Butt joint maintenance is limited to no more than 10 joints per visit.
– Hole repairs are limited to a maximum of 5 patches per visit.
– Pitch pockets will be topped on an as needed basis as determined by the service technicians utilizing similar materials.

Comprehensive 45 point Roof Inspection Check List

Damschroder Roofing has been providing quality commercial roofing services for more than 30 years. Our knowledge and experience allows us to objectively inspect commercial roofs with an expert eye. We will then provide you with a detailed report for your records.



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General Field

– Surface of roof in sustainable condition?
– Are there splits, blisters, or any other signs of deterioration?
– Is there a coating required?
– Is there grease or other types of contamination on the surface?


– Top membrane securely sealed to bottom membrane?
– Mechanical fasteners seated tightly to the bottom membrane?
– T-joints in field tight?
– Seam adhesive continuous from front to back of seam?
– Endlaps properly secured and tight?

Coping Caps

– Distortion or disturbance of coping caps from installed position?
– Face leg of coping cap fully engaged with continuous cleat?
– Joints and corners secured against water infiltration?

Metal Edge

– Wall flashings at proper 90 degree or tight to cant?
– Wall flashings secured to vertical substrate?
– Angle change fastening present and in functional condition?

Parapet Wall Flashing

– Wall flashings at proper 90 degree or tight to cant?
– Wall flashings secured to vertical substrate?
– Angle change fastening present and in functional condition?

Curb Flashing

– Is the curb properly counterflashed?
– Are the corners on the curbs properly flashed and tight?
– Is flashing at the base of the curb tight and sealed?
– Does the unit appear to be sound with all access panels intact?

Pipe/Stack Flashing

– Is the lead jacket intact with no damage?
– Is the pipe clamp on the pipe seal intact with water cut-off mastic?
– Is the base of the pipe/stack flashing properly sealed to the roof surface?
– Are the mechanical fasteners seated properly and sealed?
– If applicable, is the rain collar present and properly attached?

Roof Drains

– Is the roof drain free flowing and free of all debris?
– Does the membrane or lead flashing extend out from under the clamping ring?

Roof Scuppers

– Is the roof scupper free flowing and free of all debris?
– Is the size and placement of the scupper correct?
– Is the scupper box intact with all joints sealed tight?
– Is the flashing at the flange of the roof scupper intact and watertight?


– Are the gutters sloped properly to enhance drainage?
– Are all gutter hangers in tact and properly attached?
– Are the gutters free flowing and free of debris?
– Are the gutters showing signs of deterioration from rust or abuse?
– Are the seams in the gutter watertight?

Pitch Pockets

– Are the pitch pockets adequately sealed with roof cement or other mastic?
– Is the base of the pitch pocket adequately sealed and watertight?

Supporting Structure

– Any signs of expansion or contraction?
– Are there visible settlement cracks?
– Is the structure deteriorating?
– Any visible moisture stains?

Choose the Plan That Is Best for You


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