You May Not Have to Replace Your Flat Roof

Just because you’ve started having issues with your roof does NOT mean you have to replace it! Roof repair is often a less expensive option that can add years of life to your roof.

Many of our customers don’t need a full roof replacement yet. A simple repair can add years to the life of your roof and allow you to plan for a replacement further in the future.

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A new roof can be expensive; both in outright cost and in time the business is closed. We will work with you to extend the life of your roof and avoid total replacement where possible so you can plan ahead.

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Once our estimator gives us a clear understanding of the situation, we’ll come in and take care of your repairs or replacement.

Our Work Speaks For Itself…

Damschroder Roofing was great work with and the service technicians did an excellent job. We have several more jobs and I will be calling Damschroder for that work.
Damschroder Roofing had quoted this project in the past. We should have got it done right the first time. The Estimator was very professional, explained the process well and had the solutions for all of the issues we were having. The entire experience was very good. We are now worry free during storms!
It has been a good experience working with you and the crews you send out. Your crews are always very professional.

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