Commercial And Industrial Roofing
That Lasts

Your Ohio Roof Backed by Our Reputation.

Damschroder Roofing specializes in commercial and industrial roofing. The roof of your business is our business. We treat your roof with the level of respect it deserves. Our workmanship and expertise are unparalleled, and our reputation reflects our quality work.

Here’s What Our Expert Team Can Do:

  • Professional installation or replacement of commercial, industrial, and institutional roofing systems – Our technicians are masters of the craft, and it shows.
  • Proactive maintenance and repairs – You won’t have to worry about your roof.
  • Superior customer service – We are your roof partners from the beginning of your project to completion and beyond.
commercial roofing contractors working on a sloped roof

Your Roof. Our Reputation.

Damschroder Roofing Inc. is a full-service commercial roofing company. We are dedicated to providing unsurpassed workmanship and expertise in the installation or replacement of commercial, industrial, and institutional roofing systems. We also perform proactive maintenance and repairs to extend the life of your roof. Our technicians are masters in the industry, and our customer service extends far beyond the completion of your roofing project.


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Our Expert Services and Lasting Solutions

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Coating
  • Storm Damage Repairs
  • Inspections
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Infrared Roof Scans
graphic showing eight common roof problems
commercial roofing contractors working on a flat roof

Fair pricing for a roof to stand the test of time

Damschroder Roofing is a family-owned and operated roofing contractor in Sandusky, Ohio, and has been in this business for over 45 years. Specializing in commercial and industrial roofing allows our team to focus on the unique needs of these roofing systems. Our years of experience and expertise mean we can provide solutions tailored to fit your roof at fair prices.
We know your commercial roof has to be watertight and ready to protect your business and assets. Whether you need a roof replacement, maintenance, or repairs, our technicians are industry experts with the diverse knowledge and experience you and your roof need. We can help you get to know your roof and offer several maintenance plans. No matter what you need, we have got you and your roof covered.

Damschroder Roofing was great work with and the service technicians did an excellent job. We have several more jobs and I will be calling Damschroder for that work.
Dayton Job Corps

Damschroder Roofing had quoted this project in the past. We should have got it done right the first time. The Estimator was very professional, explained the process well and had the solutions for all of the issues we were having. The entire experience was very good. We are now worry free during storms!
Jason Airgas

It has been a good experience working with you and the crews you send out. Your crews are always very professional.

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